1 The customer hereby gives the Web store the right to use certain personal information. Information that is provided while performing a purchase is collected by the Web store in order to fulfill the customer order and to develop the service provided to the customer.

2 Web store may collect the following data: Customer’s name, company name (when applicable), address, e-mail, phone number, payment method and purchased product information.

3 Web store may forward the customer’s personal information regarding the delivery of the Product to the chosen delivery company.

4 Customer’s personal information is protected by all security measures required by law. Web store will not forward the personal information to any third parties, unless it is obligatory under the law.

5 The customer has the right to control all personal information related to the customer and ask Web store to change personal information.

6 The Web store may send the customer special offers, newsletters and questionnaires via the email provided upon placing the order if the customer agrees to this.